Free at last! Or at least again…

Don’t worry – I haven’t gone back on my promise to leave you all alone for a while.   Bernard’s been in touch and says that, for anyone who missed it first time round (deliberately or otherwise), his book X Marks The Spot is being offered for free for the next 48 hours on Amazon kindle.  The link to the UK site is:

The link to is:

For anyone who doesn’t own a Kindle, you can download an app for your PC/laptop/fridge/washing machine etc here:

But you probably knew that anyway.  Or, if you didn’t, you don’t want to.  Not in the circumstances.

If you want to look before you go to any bother at all, hasten over to:

Put your feet up, have a cup of tea.  And a small digestive biscuit.  Preferably of the chocolate kind.

Keep well!



About Chester Crump

Chester J Crump has spent a lifetime in cheese. His company, CC Cheese Ltd, was voted Door to Door magazine’s ‘Smallest Retailer of the Year’ from 1985-2007. Cheddar Today described him as ‘Chester Crump, aged 45’, while the UK’s most successful broadsheet, The Daily Telegraph, has never mentioned him at all. In his spare time, and under a completely different name, Chester has written gags and sketches for a wide range of TV and radio shows both in the UK and mainland Europe (BBC1, ITV, S4C, Radio 2, Radio 4 and the World Service – among others). A published writer for children, teenagers and adults, he has also performed stand-up comedy across Yorkshire and, in 2011, at the Edinburgh Fringe. Ten years ago, he was rumoured to be the constant companion of Sarah Michelle Gellar – TV’s Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and, more recently, that girl out of EastEnders whose name no one can remember. When he’s not writing his blog, Chester attends second-hand hat conventions, and has what many believe to be the largest collection of used headgear in Yorkshire. He is married to a woman, and lives in a house. All the above is completely true – with the possible exception of the bits about cheese. And Buffy. And EastEnders. And hats.
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4 Responses to Free at last! Or at least again…

  1. Dean Gregory says:

    Downloaded the app (the link for which doesn’t work, by the way) and gave it a little read before I set off for work. Bernard certainly knows how to write comedy, I’ll give him that. I hope that was at least part of his intention 🙂

    • Many thanks, Dean. Hope you enjoy it. (Well, that’s what Bernard has asked me to say, at any rate. I don’t agree with everything in his book – but it keeps the old fool happy if I say I do.) 🙂

  2. Chester — As always, you’ve found us a tasty morsel in ‘X Marks The Spot’ to help savor our daily cheese ration. Anticipating a delightful book. Managed to get past Aardvark so far, and in hot pursuit of Zoo — it’s around here somewhere!
    Thank you for brightening everyone’s day!

    • Hello, James.

      Many thanks for downloading the book. It has a very British slant, but I hope you find something to please you – even if it’s only, ‘Thank heavens I’ve just reached the last page! 🙂

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