Bernard’s Books

X Marks The Spot

A Rebel’s Manifesto


By Bernard Fling (Major)(Rtd)

Available as an e-book on Amazon Kindle

For those of you who don’t own a Kindle (and, don’t tell anyone – neither do I!), you can download a free program here

And, for a few extracts,  click here

And hot off the presses, another exciting tome from the Major.  This time he’s been corresponding with some very dodgy folk, indeed.  Let’s hope he knows what he’s doing!

Bernard To The Rescue

                                        Bernard to the Rescue!

60 pp (approx)

                                         By Bernard Fling (Major)(Rtd)

                                     Available from Amazon Kindle

And finally…

Here’s another offering from the Major – which just goes to show what a versatile chap he is:


                                                                         Wait to Deceive


                                                                   by James Alexander

                                              Available from Amazon Kindle


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